Welcome to The Family Navigator!

Guiding your family through the world of your child’s diagnosis

As a parent you . . .

find out there are concerns for their development. Now what?

are finally discharged from NICU/PICU but are struggling with all the jargon.

saw that specialist you wanted to see, they gave your child a diagnosis and while you are relieved and don’t know what do to next.

thought you were good and you just got thrown a curveball with your child. You just wish you had a friend who spoke the language.

need your home to fit your child’s needs but don’t know what to do.

That’s where I come in. I can help with all those things and more!

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Packaged Sessions

Packages to fit your family’s needs.

Professional Trainings

I can provide training for various groups based on your needs

About Me

My name is Jessica Summers and I have a background in Special Education, Autism Research and Early Intervention. Those combined with my personal experiences as a mother of 2 daughters navigating many of the medical systems allow me to be your guide as you find the perfect plan for your family.

FAQs and Resources- Coming Soon!

I have a page of FAQs and Resources for you to find out more. Of course we always welcome direct questions anytime!

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